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T-shirt customization, there are many problems that need to be solved. The first should be craftsmanship, and good fabrics and craftsmanship are needed for T-shirts that you want to make well. Many of the customized ones are made by instant, and become heat transfers such as heat transfers used in the process. The second is the bottom shirt, the bottom shirt needs good fabrics, which involves shrinkage, color fastness, clothing type cutting and color and so on. The third is free design. For customization, not all designs can be used on clothes. Clothing printing still has his own limitations on design. So to build a platform like this requires a strong team. As we said, a strong design team is needed online, and a professional supply chain is needed offline. The supply chain is more extensive, including additional processes such as clothing materials, printing, embroidery, and packaging, express delivery, etc. series.

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How to customize a suitable T-shirt? Before customizing a T-shirt, we must first be familiar with and understand the fabric and printing process of the T-shirt. Only by understanding the material and thickness of a good fabric can we know whether it is comfortable to wear. Only in this way can we customize a suitable and satisfactory T-shirt. Uniqlo recommends customizing T-shirts and choosing a satisfactory bottom shirt and fabric style, and then printing the corporate logo and culture on the bottom shirt. This is the most common way of customizing group clothing.